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What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

I came back to the team here at MDE and told them how blown away I was by your work. Absolutely sensational. -- Mike Flanagan, Superintendent of Public Instruction, Michigan Department of Education

I am a US History teacher at the American School of Kuwait. I grew up in Royal Oak and attended Royal Oak Schools k-12. . . . I am emailing you because this is hands down, the best information and curriculum that I have ever seen available for educators. The amount of time and effort that was put into it is astounding and I would like to thank you for your hard work on it. Though tailored for a Michigan classroom, you created a system that is easily adaptable to anyplace, even Kuwait! When presenting this to my administration, they were so impressed by what you and other collaborators at Oakland Schools had done, that we as a school have decided to formulate a k-12 scope and sequence that fits in with an American international education. I spread the word about this amazing resource to anyone who will listen and I hope that the teachers back in Oakland County appreciate what you have done as much as I do. Again, thank you so much for all the effort you put into creating this! ---- Jeffrey Wilusz, AP US History / US History / Sociology, American School of Kuwait

Just gotta say... I love, love, love the final lessons in the new unit from last night! Will they ever make the road to revolution unit so much more coherent! Fabulous! Also, how seamlessly the lessons fit with the aim of the Common Core in reading and writing will make my job so much easier in the future! Sincere thanks from an old UM history major. -- Sara Luther, 5th grade teacher, West Ottawa Public

Having the Michigan Citizenship Curriculum has transformed our social studies instruction. The extremely detailed lessons provide age appropriate and authentic learning experiences for our third graders. After teaching unit 1, The Geography of Michigan, our students are well equipped to use the Five Themes of Geography to describe Michigan. Additionally, students have a much better understanding of how people have used, modified and adapted the environment of Michigan. As third grade teachers, we feel the curriculum is a great support in covering our new grade level content expectations. The curriculum is extremely user-friendly, adaptable for differentiation and provides accessible resources. We look forward to implementing future units from the Michigan Citizenship Curriculum. ---Third Grade Teachers, Lone Pine Elementary, Bloomfield Hills Schools

The collaboration of six intermediate school districts … and regional service agencies resulted in Michigan Citizenship Collaborative Curriculum, called one of the most outstanding social studies curricula in the country. . . . [It] aims to make sure that all citizens have a basic understanding of the foundation and development of our government and our roles in it. The reaction from educators to this new curriculum has been overwhelmingly and enthusiastically favorable. If you take the time to visit this site, you can view the entire outline, study materials, and bibliography for every grade. If you have been distressed by the fact that people don’t know about the “presumption of innocence” or the “freedom of the press” or the “right to silence,” perhaps this curriculum will give you hope that “government of the people, by the people, for the people” is safe, after all.” - -- Roberta J.F. Wray. “Civic Illiteracy: Help is on the Way.” BarBeat. Genesee County Bar Association, May/June 2009.

A student who completed Unit 1 of the high school US History and Geography, working through these exercises, would be in a very strong position to succeed in my classes in terms of both content knowledge and familiarity with historical process. I myself got some great suggestions from this material that can be applied in my classes! I was also very impressed with the range of materials provided. -- Michelle McClellan, University of Michigan

Thank you for all the work you are doing to provide these lessons for us. I used the 4th grade Social Studies Curriculum last year and I am using the 2nd grade Social Studies and Science this year. I LOVE how you have integrated literature in the lessons! The NOTE Cards are a GREAT tool as well. I am teaching second graders valuable study skills for the future. -- Jolene Pownall, 2nd Grade Teacher, Woodhaven-Brownstown Schools

I want you to know that I am seeing K, 1, 2, 3, and 4th grade teachers teaching SS and teachers and kids talking excitedly about SS for the first time in several years.   We always get close to the goal in education but jump ship and start a new game before we ever reap the benefits of the original game.  Hang in there – MC3 is working and is worth completing.  -- Gayle L. Brown, Curriculum and Instruction, Carman-Ainsworth Community Schools

I am deeply impressed with the Michigan curriculum for the fifth grade course, Integrated Early American History. The unit demonstrates broad coverage of the field while also paying close attention to scholarly detail. As a college educator, I am heartened to see the care and intellectual ambition that went into making the unit. -- Denver Brunsman, Assistant Professor, Department of History, Wayne State University

I want to send my thanks to you and the development team. These units are excellent from what I have seen so far and I look forward to future units and items. --Jim Cameron, Executive Director, Michigan Council for History Education

On behalf of the constituent school districts of Gratiot-Isabella RESD, I would like to thank you for allowing us the opportunity to become part of the Michigan Citizenship Collaborative Curriculum Association. Having many years of experience in the field of education in a variety of roles, I must say this is some of the best work that I have seen in the area of social studies curriculum development....I look forward to the success of this group and am pleased that our region can be part of MC3. -- Kathy Stewart, Associate Superintendent for Instruction Gratiot Isabella RESD

Everyone was wowed by the work your group has accomplished. This stuff is marvelous from K through 11. We really, truly appreciate your efforts. I overheard an administrator say that he would enjoy going back into the classroom to teach now that we have such a comprehensive plan. Again, awesome work. -- John Darga, Assistant Principal, Clio High School

I just wanted to take a minute and let you know that I am using the MC3 materials for my World History classes this year. I am very happy with them so far. Thank you for the work you are putting into this. I can see a difference in the continuity of my lessons. -- Kristin Bauer, Kingsley High School, Kingsley School District.

 I am having such a good time with 2nd grade social studies. We are loving the mapping! I enlarged the Disney Map and we gave directions from our favorite place to another person’s favorite place. The kids are engaged and learning quickly! Thank you for all of your hard work! -- Susan Case, Waterford Public Schools

I wanted to let you know what  a GREAT resource the micitizenshipcurriculum.org is. . . . I have been using Unit 2 for the past few weeks and just love the lessons.  They are detailed, easy  to read and understand, and ties in perfectly with the new GLCE'S...especially since 4th grade is so hard to find textbooks with the new GLCE'S.    -- Becky Farmer, 4th grade teacher, Shelters Elementary School, Southgate Public Schools

I have to tell you that I LOVE the new World History curriculum. It's going so well. Who would have thought kids would be knocking each other down to answer questions about the agricultural revolution? I am loving it! -- Stacie Woodward, Teacher, West Bloomfield High School

Thank you so much for all of the fabulous work you are doing on this Social Studies curriculum. You have helped the local districts tremedously with getting this work done. -- Laurie A. Mayes, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Howell Public Schools

Well, for what it's worth.....the district level administration has said on several occasions that they have been impressed with this work in social studies and wished that the other areas were paying attention to what you were doing. I've been in all of this for almost as many years as you are old and it is definitely the most developed and coordinated that I've ever seen social studies education and that is not because of the work done at the state level. I do think it's some of the best SS work to come out of the state as well, but implementation has been entirely left up to the local level and that's a real tribute to you and the work of your colleagues. It has made our work at the district level much, much easier and therefore, I think our best work has happened as well. Thank-you and please don't go anywhere for a few years. -- Patricia O'Connor, K-12 Social Studies Department Leader, Chippewa Valley Schools and teacher at Dakota High School

I think that the group working on this should get Ph.D.s and Congressional Medals of Honor – you are doing such a service to the students and teachers of Michigan . -- Wendy Irish, Delta Schoolcraft ISD

The MC3 is such a valuable resource. I am working with our Middle School group next week and I want to thank you for sharing the big picture thinking. --Kathleen Reddy-Butkovich Curriculum Coordinator, English Language Arts & Social Studies, Plymouth-Canton Community Schools

I love teaching Michigan, even without a textbook!! I was able to purchase every book on the bibliography from MC3! My third graders are soaking up the geography unit like little sponges." -- Deb Burlingame 3rd grade teacher River Valley Schools Three Oaks Michigan

WOW! What a fantastic product! Kudos to you and all who have worked on this project - and are continuing to work. Great efforts should produce great paybacks. Social Studies has set the bar high for the mathematics community of educators. -- Judy Wheeler, K-12 Mathematics Consultant, Berrien Regional Education Service Agency